We provide a forever home and a new beginning to parrots that don’t have a place to call their own. Our Mission is for the wellbeing of the birds.

At Gaia, our main goal is to provide captive parrots with the most enriching, natural living conditions as possible. We feel it is our moral responsibility to give these birds a second chance at living their best lives.

To restore their instinctive nature to fly, socialize and just be birds, in an environment that resembles the closest thing to the wild. Our love and appreciation for these beautiful creatures is the driving force behind Gaia Animal Sanctuary’s wings.

Our stories

If we don’t take care of the Birds, who will?

Coastal temperate rainforests once covered 1% of the Earth. Now, less than half now remains. And out of the original 1.9 million acres of redwood forest – only 106,000 acres of old-growth forest are standing, less than 5% remain.

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